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Swedish Massage addresses stress and muscle stiffness using firm, circular pressure (aka: effluerage) and longer, gliding strokes towards the heart. It helps to increase circulation and flexibility and decrease toxins, while promoting relaxation and increasing oxygen levels in the blood.

Deep Tissue Massage also includes firm, circular pressure (aka: effluerage) but specifically targets chronic pain, knots / muscle adhesions and tightness using direct and deep pressure applied with the hands, thumbs and elbows on specific areas to access deeper levels of muscle tissue. It helps to increase blood circulation to deep muscle tissue and prompts the release of oxytocin and seratonin to help the body relax, boost mood and increase range of motion.

Trigger Point therapy is occasionally used in tandem with Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. Trigger points are knots / muscle adhesions that create pain and limit range of motion in adjacent muscle tissues; this "traveling" pain is known as referral pain. Direct pressure is used within client's comfort level to address these particular muscle adhesions.

Hot Stone Massage includes the application of smooth, heated stones in tandem with Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. The heat penetrates deeper layers of muscle tissue and can help to soothe chronic pain, muscle tightness and muscle adhesions / knots. The heat can also help reduce anxiety and have an overall relaxing effect on the mind and body.


The Back 40 is a 40 minute session that focuses solely on the back, neck and shoulders. A combination of hot stones, deep tissue and trigger point therapy is used to address each client’s individual issues and concerns.

The Back 40: $50

Sessions are customized to address individual issues, muscle tightness and chronic or acute pain and may include the neck, back, front and back of legs and arms, glutes, hands, feet and scalp.


30 Minute Session: $35

60 Minute Session: $70
with Hot Stones: $80

90 Minute Session: $100
with Hot Stones: $110





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